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Программа “Еда, я люблю тебя!”

Один из первых выпусков программы Еда, я люблю тебя! снимался в Стамбуле. И мне посчастливилось не только консультировать съемочную группу за кадром и помогать с решением организационных вопросов, но и даже принять команду в гостях! Сцену про домашнюю кухню снимали у нас… Continue Reading →

About Vasilisa Stambulka

I am a journalist and translator and author of who lives in Istanbul since 2009. During this time I started to study Gastronomy and wrote Gourmet guide to Istanbul (available in Ukrainian and Russian). In 2017, successfully studied at the International Wine and… Continue Reading →

How to prepare before visiting Istanbul

Here I publish the most useful information for visitors of Istanbul: about transport, accommodation, shopping and, of course, local food. 🙂 In addition, you are welcome to ask for advice from the author of the guidebook (that is me :)) or get consulted  regarding your… Continue Reading →

Gourmet Guide to Istanbul is shortlisted by Gourmand International for Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017

    Gourmet Guide to Istanbul has passed the previous selection and was included in the shortlist of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2017 in the category: SELF PUBLISHED BOOK / BESTDIGITAL E-BOOKS / BEST EASTERN EUROPE CUISINE / CULINARY TRAVEL. As… Continue Reading →

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